First Aid Kits

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OSHA requires that all employers are able to provide first-aid supplies that are appropriate for the specific working environment. Our vast selection of workplace first-aid kits includes the right type of first-aid kit for your facility, including small, general purpose first-aid kits as well as all-inclusive deluxe medical emergency kits plus everything in between. These sets include all of the materials required to help clean and treat minor and serious injuries, including bandages, gauze, pain relievers, latex gloves, alcohol wipes and more.

Military facilities - or any facility where a high level of physical activity occurs - should have one of our durable military first-aid kits on hand. We carry handy Army medical kits that house a full complement of first-aid essentials within a strap-equipped platoon pouch, as well as professional medic first-aid kits that come with 10 pounds worth of essential first-aid supplies for any kind of injury. Our small, personal first-aid kits are ideal for individual work cells or cubicles.
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