First Aid Safety Signs

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Easily direct employees to first-aid and other medical resources using our OSHA-compliant first-aid safety signs. In addition to bold first-aid kit signs, we also stock a huge variety of general psychical safety signs, including "Danger Hot - signs" and "Non-Potable Water" signs. Workplaces should always clearly identify on-the-job hazards and be prepared to deal with injuries and accidents as effectively as possible, and these signs help streamline the process.

We recommend posting "Emergency Eye Wash" signs and "Eye Wash Station" signs in any facility that uses chemical or hazardous materials. We also offer biohazard signs to ensure that all dangers are clearly identified in accident-prone areas. Stop-Painting's safety signs come in two size options (7 inches high by 10 inches wide and 10 inches high by 14 inches wide) and feature a convenient, self-adhesive backing. Be sure to explore our inventory of industrial first-aid kits for comprehensive workplace first-aid.
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