Letter Stencils

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Stop-Painting's big block letter stencils can be used for painting parking spaces, printing custom messages on industrial walls or warehouses and designating rooms and zones. We offer letter stencil sets that include the entire alphabetic suite (these sets often come with additional pieces such as punctuation and ampersands) as well as individual block lettering stencils for a low price. You can also order a custom stencil from Stop-Painting with whatever letter, word or phrase you need, if you want a fast and affordable way to stencil a single word or phrase. For an alternative to stenciling, explore our self-adhesive floor signs and pavement marking signs.

Most of our plastic letter stencils are available in two thickness options, 1/16'' and 1/8'', to meet the needs of your unique job. The 1/16'' option is our more economical stencil, while the 1/8'' stencils are constructed from more heavy-duty polyethylene that's strong enough for regular reuse. We also offer interlocking stencils made from brass, aluminum, steel and magnetic materials, all of which can be easily applied using aerosol paint.
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