1/16-inch thick Interlocking Alphabet Stencils

$166.95 - $1,081.50

Interlocking Alphabet Stencils

A great solution for those looking for lean manufacturing techniques or 5S products. Our Interlocking Alphabet Stencils are great for creating custom wording around the workplace or anywhere that you want to display a clear message. Configure warning signs, alerts, boundary signals or any custom message imaginable with these long-lasting letter stencils. These 1/16-inch thick stencils are constructed from polyethylene, so they're designed to be long-lasting and reusable. Puzzle-cut borders mean the letters will remain securely attached to one another so that the wording stays clean and neat. We offer 13 convenient stencil sizes ranging from 8 to 36 inches to help you create the perfect custom message. Pair these with our top-quality number stencils if you foresee the need for numeric figures.

Lean and 5S organization doesn't have to be complicated. We have simple and easy-to-use tools to make efficiency easy!

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