Metal Letter & Number Stamps

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Ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from key-stamping to permanent identification processes, our metal letter stamps and metal number stamps are equipped to handle any level of use. We carry both individual letter/number stamps and stamp sets to help meet your unique needs. These hand-held, hammer-struck stamping sets are ideal for creating deep, long-lasting impressions on materials ranging from wood and leather to water/oil-hardened steel.

These stamps come in four grades - standard, heavy-duty, premier and rhino. Standard stamps are designed for occasional use and are not recommended for stamping materials like wood or leather, while rhino stamps are designed for high-volume stamping of most materials, including brass and stainless steel. Choose premier or heavy-duty for moderate to everyday use. Stop-Painting also offers a huge selection of blank aluminum, brass or stainless steel tags in shapes like round, oval, rectangular, square and more.
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