Pliers & Clamps

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Stop-Painting carries a variety of pliers and clamps to help with your unique job. We offer innovative automatic locking pliers and clamps in addition to groove and manual pliers. Our automatic pliers come in a variety of sizes and styles, including curved jaw, C-clamp, soft jaw, long reach and needle nose, to help with any size job. Our selection of manual pliers and groove pliers includes curved jaw, straight jaw, long nose and C-clamp styles.

Our automatically locking pliers and clamps automatically lock on any size without adjusting and are seven times faster and 100 percent easier to use than traditional locking pliers. They feature a grab-thick, grab-thin construction and offer a no-slip textured grip. Our groove pliers and manual pliers feature a patented mechanism that maintains parallel jaws for optimal grip and allows you to grab any size without adjusting. Most of our pliers and clamps come with a limited lifetime warranty.
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