Confined Space Signs

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A confined space is defined by OSHA as any space that should have limited or restricted means for entry and exit. In compliance with OSHA requirements, facilities must post confined space signs and non-permit signs in any permit space. These confined safety signs help facilities ensure that only authorized employees enter such areas, thereby reducing the risk of hazards, accidents and illnesses. Our self-adhesive safety signs are designed using universal symbols and proper color coding for easy identification.

We carry a huge assortment of specific confined space signs, including danger signs that mark confined spaces, permit spaces and off-limits areas. In compliance with OSHA guidelines, all of our danger signs use red, black and white coloring, while our caution signs are black and yellow. Choose from a variety of messages, including "Danger - Confined Space" and "Danger - Keep Out." We carry both English and Spanish confined space signs. For more ways to mark confined areas, see our confined space floor signs.
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