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These reflectors are made of a durable ABS plastic shell filled with an inert thermosetting compound. The bottom of these markers are configured to create an excellent structural bond with the pavement. Each reflector measures 4'' x 4'' and is available in various colors and reflective options.


Size: 4'' x 4''

Shell Color: Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Red

Reflector Options: One-way and Two-way

Quantity: 50 per box

Installation Recommendations: Road reflectors can be installed in a variety of methods, and we offer several products that can be used to adhere to reflectors to paved surfaces. Choose between our epoxy kits, butyl pads, bituminous adhesive.

Features of the different installation methods:

BUTYL PAD INSTALLATION: This method is the most common method of installation. Butyl pads are sold as individual precut squares, commonly in 4 in. or 8 in. sizes. The butyl pads are composed of a double sided adhesion compound, which involves a simple peel and stick theory of installation. **It is not recommended to install Plastic Pavement Markers to a wet or damp surface. For best results install to a clean and dry area. Butyl Pads = $1.20/each

TWO PART EPOXY INSTALLATION: This method consists of 2 part epoxy kits A & B. Each 1 qt container should install approximately 25 four inch Pavement Markers and the 1 gal container should install approximately 75-100 four inch Pavement Markers. It is recommended that you follow the instructions for installation as detailed by the manufacturer as noted on the epoxy kits. **Please call when ordering epoxy kits to see if HAZMAT fees apply to your shipping location. Epoxy = $0.93/each

BITUMINOUS ADHESIVE: This method is also referred to as QwikDots. This method is the most cost efficient form of installation when installing 4 in. Plastic Pavement Markers in excess of 230 pieces. This material is available in 4 in. widths in one continuous 150 in. piece. Much like the butyl pads this is a double sided adhesion compound; however this method of application would involve cutting each piece to the desired size. Bituminous = $0.51/each when installing 450 pieces.

Please note that orders under $100 will have a $15 handling fee added to shipping costs at checkout.

Q: Can I purchase fewer than 50 reflectors? Are reflectors only sold in case quantity?

A: If you would like to purchase fewer than a case quantity, then we have one reflector which we sell individually.

Q: Will the road reflectors withstand standard road/highway traffic?

A: The road reflectors are made for standard highway/road use and are approved by the Department of Transportation in several states.

Q: What is the difference between the butyl pads and epoxy? Do you recommend the epoxy over the butyl pads? Is the epoxy stronger than the butyl pad? Will the epoxy last longer than the butyl pads?

A: Both products are recommended equally depending on personal preference. They are equally durable. Most people find the butyl pads are easier to work with because they don't have to worry about the epoxy setting. We have posted videos of all three installation methods on our website, which may be helpful as you decide which one to use.

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