Superior Mark® vs Mighty Line®

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When you shop for floor tape and safety signage, there are a few key questions you’re going to want to ask. The factors to consider are price, ease of use, maintenance options and quality. We’ve taken the time to answer all of these questions in a quick study.

Read on to make sure that you make the best buying choice.

Which Tape has the Best Price?

Based on a head-to-head comparison of  2” and 4”custom repeat message tape pricing from and on 9/15/21

Superior Mark Repeat Message Tape

Superior Mark®
Repeat Message Tape

Size 2” x 100’ $136.00

Size 4” x 100’ $178.29

Size 6” x 100’ $267.44

Mighty Line Repeat Message Tape

Mighty Line®
Repeat Message Tape

Size 2” x 100’ $225.00

Size 4” x 100’ $298.00

Size 6” x 100’ $360.00

Unlike Mighty Line®, we own our factory and sell direct.

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Which Tape is Easier to Apply & Maintain?

Superior Mark® Applicator
  • Start tape application quickly from an upright position.
  • Built with a substantial frame and a sturdy guiding rod.
  • Continuous operation from a comfortable, upright and natural standing position.
  • No extra tools needed to start and stop thanks to a foot activated blade.
Mighty Line® Applicator
  • Hand application required to start tape.
  • Lightweight frame and insubstantial guiding rod.
  • Operator unable to remain upright — forced to crouch and bend.
  • At a minimum, scissors are required for starting and stopping tape application.

Which company offers the best Tamping Tools?

Superior Mark®
Kaizen Cart

Tamper Roller is essential for the optimal adhesion of the floor marking.

Two Floor Tape Racks that can hold up to 14 rolls of multiple colors and widths of tape.

Tool Compartments that can hold scissors, string, tape measure, utility knife and all the tools necessary for maintaining floor markings.

Mighty Line®

Whose Tape is Guaranteed to Stick?

Superior Mark®

Hot-Applied Industrial-Grade Adhesive

Superior Mark® recessed adhesive is melted at a high temperature and immediately applied to our marking tape. With this process, our adhesive will never risk being removed by hand.

Mighty Line®

Cold-Applied Laminated Double-Sided Tape

Mighty Line® adhesive is double-sided tape laminated to a PVC housing. With this process, could cold lamination lead to unwanted adhesive delamination?

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Details Matter

Details Matter

Superior Mark®

Insite Solutions understood the root problem and, in 2005, introduced Superior Mark®, the first beveled edge tape designed to eliminate damage from pallet drag.

Mighty Line®

Mighty Line® was awarded a patent for thick, hard plastic in 2003. The problem is that thick, hard plastic doesn’t solve the problem of pushing and dragging skids on marking tape.

Which Tape is Patent Protected?

While both companies brandish a protected patent on their tape, Superior Mark is the only patent claiming beveled-edges. Mighty Line claims they invented beveled edges so review the facts by reading the patent yourself! We don’t copy - we invent!

Superior Mark® Patent

Superior Mark®

Patent No. 8,883,290

Mighty Line® Patent

Mighty Line®

Patent No. 8,343,292

Patent Review Keyword Searches
Superior Mark®
Mighty Line®

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