This Side Up Stencil - 12"


The "This Side Up" Stencil is very useful for busy shipping departments and distribution centers, allowing for quick and easy marking of containers and boxes to designate the right side up.

The "This Side Up" Stencil is made of high-quality polyethylene plastic designed for repeated use, and perfect for designating the top side of containers and boxes. We recommend using aerosol paint and a marking gun for fast, hassle-free stencil application. Quickly and easily post safety and organizational messages using our high-quality floor stencils. Ideal for any warehouse, industrial space or maintenance shop, this warehouse stencil can be applied on any surface using aerosol paint.

NOTE: For best results, use our aerosol paint with these stencils. A marking gun can help speed up the process. And to even further improve signage, opt for a premade traffic stop sign that you can post anywhere you want your message to be seen.