VirtualLine Laser-Line Color Green


Virtual line lasers create durable floor lines in your warehouse. They eliminate the need for the continual maintenance required when using floor tape and paint. Compact and lightweight, VirtuaLine lasers are durable and dependable. They produce a thin green line that is clearly visible in bright conditions and completely eye-safe. Use along walkways and lanes, or combine with virtual signs for a specific display.

Easy to set up and easy to maintain, laser projectors are a smart solution to your warehouse operation needs.

Specs for bright conditions:

  • Line Length 6’ - 50’
  • Projection Distance: 3’ - 25’
  • Laser Class: 3R (Eye Safe)

Q: Will the projector work in a room with a lot of direct sunlight?
A: Sunlight is a near impossible force to compete with. If the projection area has a lot of direct sunlight, it isn’t likely that any of our projectors will be able to produce a clear and visible result.