Wet Sealer Cone Stencil - 24"


This Wet Sealer Cone Stencil is an excellent way to clearly mark your construction cones and keep pedestrians and workers well informed.

Traffic cones traditionally signify blocked off areas or hazardous situations. However, it's even more helpful to drivers and pedestrians when they have a specific message on them. Our Wet Sealer cone stencil very specifically states the warning, and this stencil can be used with our aerosol paint to place this message on any standard 18-24" traffic cone. It measures 24 inches square with 1-inch letters. Because our floor stencils, sealer warnings and many other types, are made from polyethylene plastic, it's durable and can be reused many times. This stencil is also available as part of our 5-piece traffic cone warning stencil kit.

NOTE: For best results, use our aerosol paint with these stencils. A marking gun can help speed up the process. And to even further improve signage, opt for a premade traffic stop sign that you can post anywhere you want your message to be seen.


Stencil Material: Polyethylene plastic (LDPE)
Stencil Dimensions: 24" by 24"
Stencil Letter Size: 1" tall
Stencil Thickness: 1/16"