5S Red Tag Holding Area Tape (4 in. Width)

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 5S Red Tag Holding Area Superior Mark Tape (4 in. Width)

If your organization is implementing a 5S workplace efficiency plan, our 5S Red Tag Holding Area Superior Mark Tape can help. This 4-inch wide tape installs quickly and is engineered to hold up to heavy industrial traffic. Beveled edges and recessed adhesive makes Superior Mark the best heavy duty floor tape available. It's easy to apply with a pull-back liner. It's also easily removed, giving you the flexibility to change your floor layout. This particular tape is used in the "Sort" stage of the 5S program. The printed identification makes it easy to manage your red tag holding area. Please test a sample to see firsthand how Superior Mark will perform on your floor.

Looking for a Lean and 5S solution for your workplace. Our Superior Mark Floor Tape with specific visual messages are perfect to increase efficiency and productivity.

Product Description and Benefits:

  • This Superior Mark tape is used for the ""Sort"" stage in the 5S program.
  • The tape can be easily applied with our easy pull back liner.
  • 5S identification is also printed on the tape providing visual management within your red tag holding area.


Size:4in x 100 ft

Thickness: 32 mils

Material: PVC

Adhesive: Pressure sensitive recessed adhesive

Edges: Beveled for maximum durability against heavy traffic.

Surface: Smooth, glossy finish that resists dirt and is easily cleaned.

Colors: Red with ""5S Red Tag Holding Area"" text.

Installation Recommendations: Clean floor thoroughly with alcohol based cleaner. Peel and stick corner to floor. Tamp with a tamper cart for best results.

Superior Mark® Floor Tape Features:

  • Beveled Edges
  • Recessed Adhesive
  • Quick Installation
  • Removes Easily with Little to No Residue
  • Great for Lean and 5S
  • Most Durable Tape for Heavy Traffic

Free Samples of Superior Mark Are Available

For best service on ordering floor tape samples, give us a call and let us know what your specific needs are for your particular application. We'll send you a sample of Superior Mark, as well as samples of other products that might help you with your floor marking challenges. We're so confident you'll love Superior Mark, we'll even cover the shipping on these free samples. 

Superior Mark Testimonials!

""They are holding up like iron. Best money we ever spent."" Kevin M. Velleca, St. Louis, MO
""I DID get the samples, and we've been testing them in a few higher traffic places, and so far, it's working GREAT! We've used the tape and put several of the footprints down (again, in the higher traffic areas) and everything looks good and is working great! We have always painted the footprints, and with high traffic, they never looked good. But with the stick on ones, we can clean the spot where they go, put them down, and DONE! People can run over them with carts or pallet jacks, and the edges stay crisp and they look great! I've had many comments on how good they look. We will be buying many more of those! The [Superior Mark] tape is much better than the paint. The tape allows us to make changes with minimal effort, without having to rope areas off for long periods of time waiting for paint to dry. As well as easily moving the lines, without having to scrape up old paint and try to make it look like there weren't still painted lines there when we're done! I'm very pleased to have found you guys! The tape is a little more expensive than paint, but the time (and labor!) savings makes up for the difference!""
"" The ease of your website was fantastic. as well, you were able to provide myself and my clients products we require to help establish visual spaces, guides, and support they in turn will be successful in their training and education for employment. Thanks so much! Your immediate response, was also very appreciated. Great Customer Service! Keep doing what you do. You benefited the lives of so many by offering your products.""
"" I did receive the package (on time) and have used some of the product. As always, I am very pleased with the product, but most of all, the service you provide. It is always a pleasure ordering from you.""
Thanks again, Larry
"" The floor tape has worked amazing!! We had tried other means of marking the floor, without success. We purchased your tape and marked the floor and it's been there ever since!! It works GREAT, and everyone is very happy!! Thanks!""
"" We have been using and abusing the sample you sent in the cold room, and have had no issues at all. Thanks, we look forward to having the nice markings in the warehouse .""
Jim Hill
"" I am sick of [competitor's floor tape], it just does not compare to Superior Mark. The Superior Mark lasted several months compared to days with [competitor's tape]. I would like to get your products on our floors however I can.""
Jon L.
"" Many thanks for your help in getting out this order so fast. We are happy with the results. Your tape is of a quality that reflects well on both of our companies so I will be in touch with you again.""
"" The shipment has arrived and has been unloaded from the skid. The timing was perfect. I am very happy with InSite Solutions. This was a very good experience.""
Again, Thank you --Ted R.
"" The BEST price AND fastest delivery right when we needed it. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this seller and I would do business with again (as a matter of fact we have already made a 2nd purchase from them!!).""
Harold S., Lakeland, FL
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Max M., San Diego, CA
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Paul M., Council Bluffs, IA
"" Great company to deal with. They shipped promptly and their product is fantastic. Nothing like it. Well worth every penny.""
Bob C. from Danvers, MA
"" The purchase was easy and convenient and delivery was prompt. The product Superior Mark was exactly what I was looking for.""
Mel M., Thomaston, GA
"" High quality product Superior Mark. Prompt shipping.""
Murat K., Dunn Loring, VA
""Thanks for a great product Superior Mark. Looks like the real thing, and at a great price too. Thanks again!""
Fred K., Louisville, KY
""Excellent service overall.""
Jeff D., Lincoln NE
""Fast shipping, Superb Customer Service, Highly Recommended""
Jeff Z., Homestead, FL
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Elizabeth B.


Please note that orders under $100 will have a $15 handling fee added to shipping costs at checkout."

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Superior Mark™ Patent No. 8,883,290 and Patent No. 10,214,664.