AdAttention Street Graphics

$18.84 - $403.40
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We can print any custom design onto a durable, self-adhesive pavement marking material. Also available in blanks, for those who would like to print their own pavement marking signs.

Film: Reinforced, preformed polymer film with a pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive and backing liner.

Film Color: White

Adhesive: Pressure sensitive, grey color, butyl based.

Removal: Removable in tact or in large pieces without the use of heat, solvents, grinding or blasting.

Application Temperature Range: 60 degrees – 100 degrees F., air, film, and surface.

Top Coating: Opaque conformable liquid with optional skid particles embedded, (minimum thickness of 2 mils).

Skid Resistance: Minimum skid resistance value of 45 BPN when tested according to ASTM E 303.

Application Surfaces: Designed for relatively smooth, compacted, exterior sidewalks, parking lots, and parking garages.

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