Superior Mark Sign

Beveled edges
Peel-and-stick adhesive
Applies to smooth surfaces
Replace sections

vinyl floor sign

Vinyl Floor Sign

Anti-skid overlaminate
Peel-and-stick adhesive
Applies to smooth surfaces

rubber sign with urethane coating

Rubber Floor Sign

Reinforced substrate rubber
Superior butyl adhesive
Applies to irregular surfaces

inlaid mesh with permanent epoxy adhesive

Inlaid Mesh Floor Sign

Tough mesh fabric
Embeds with liquid adhesive
Applies to irregular surfaces

Amazon 5S School Floor Marking Kit - 16’ x 6’


Add the Amazon 5S School Floor Marking Kit to your training protocol to improve employee safety using visual cues. This complete safety system kit includes all of the visual cues, notices, and warnings employees may encounter throughout the facility—providing on-site training and timely reminders for the visual communication tools used in the warehouse or on the production floor.

This convenient training kit, designed for Amazon, includes the Superior Mark® floor signs, pre-cut tape strips, and adhesive-backed floor tape to display the universal messaging used throughout the facility. Improve memory through repetition by demonstrating important visual cues at workfloor entrypoints, including: No Pedestrians, Pedestrian Walkway, Inventory and Non-Inventory Work Stations, No Standing, Do Not Block, Trash Receptical Placement, Fire and Emergency Equipment, Red Tag Stations, and other standard messaging.

Custom Floor Tape Kit Options Available

For custom safety school kit options, contact our Floor Marking Specialists at 1-866-284-1541; we can work with you to design a visual cue training system to suit your location's needs.

Complete Kit for Facility Safety Training

The Black/Yellow Amazon 5S School Kit (16’ x 6’) contains the following items:

Boxes – all boxes are 2’ x 2’ with appropriate labels

  • Yellow Box – Trash Receptacles
  • White Box – PIT Parking
  • Red Box – Fire/Emergency equipment
  • Green Box – Pedestrian walkway
  • Orange Box – PIT Lane/No Pedestrians
  • White/Black Stripe Box – Red tag stations
  • Red/White Stripe Box – No standing/No working zone
  • Black/Yellow Stripe Box – DO NOT BLOCK
  • Blue Box – Inventory/Non-inventory work stations

Full Kit Border 16' x 6'

  • Black/Yellow Stripe Box

Signs – All Signs are according to Amazon Standards

  • Pedestrian Crossing - 18’’
  • Caution PIT/Forklift Operating in Area - 20”
  • Warning No PIT Forklifts Beyond This Point - 20”
  • STOP Sign - 20”
  • Exit Sign – 9.5” x 8’’
  • PIT/Pedestrian Shared Area Sign – 4” x 24”
  • High Visibility Vest Required – 24” x 22”

For custom options, contact us or call 1-866-284-1541.