BIKE Character Stencil

$25.20 - $47.88

With signs that clearly reserve certain parking lot spaces for different types of vehicles, you'll be promoting safety and smart traffic control. This durable bike stencil, constructed from polyethylene plastic, can be used to create many highly visible signs to let people know which spaces are reserved for motorcycles. This minimizes stress and confusion in a high volume traffic situation.

Use aerosol paint for the best results, and see the full line of parking lot stencils for other vehicle markers, safety signs and directional signs.

  • Material- 1/8" LDPE

  • Long Life- built for repetetive daily use

  • Will not be damaged by paint or solvents

  • Lays flat for the best quality painting

  • Precision cut to ensure high quality marking

  • Easy to clean and rolls up for easy storage

Lead time is 2-3 business days.