Charge Point Stencil

$285.60 - $565.74
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To display the location of a charge point in a parking lot or loading zone, use this Charge Point Stencil. It's made from polyethylene plastic, which makes it very durable, easy to clean and reusable for many applications.

Size: 18 inches high by 13.5 inches wide.

Material: Choose from 1/16 inch thick 1/16-inch thick or 1/8 inch thick 1/8-inch thick.

Parking lot signs are important for imparting important safety and directional information. By painting with stencils, you're creating a long-lasting, permanent sign that can't be tampered with. See the full line of parking lot stencils for low-cost solutions to your signage needs.

Allow a lead time of 2-3 business days for these stencils.