Fire Extinguisher Vinyl Floor Sign-17.5"-White Arrow, Red Background


Make it clear! Our Fire Extinguisher Arrow floor sign clearly communicates where a fire extinguisher is located via a concise visual message. Whether you are using 5S principles, need Lean management tools or want a single simple visual cue, our floor signs provide the visual tools you need. Available in vinyl, rubber or mesh, and with a standard 17.5" or 22" diameter, the vibrant colors and clear visual message of our Fire Extinguisher sign can help increase safety and productivity.

Need a sign to better suit your needs? Check out our online custom sign tool to design your sign in different sizes and with different colors, messages, etc.

Use this eye-catching floor sign to visually communicate with your employees, leading to improved warehouse and workplace safety and efficiency. Great for Lean and 5S manufacturing floor marking needs.