Fire Lane Stencils

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Fire Lane Stencils

Size: This item creates letters that measure 12 inches tall. If you need to create other size letters, we have a variety of fire lane stencil sizes available. Please call for assistance in finding the item that best suits your needs.

Material: Available in 1/16-inch thick or 1/8-inch thick

Wording: FIRE LANE

For safety's sake, use these fire lane stencils to mark fire lanes and keep them clear of cars so emergency vehicles can have fast and easy access. This fire lane stencil is made from rugged polyethylene plastic, so it can be used for many applications. The letters are clearly readable at 12 inches tall. If other sizes are required, give Stop-Painting a call. Different stencil sizes are available.

This fire lane stencil and other parking lot stencils are available in economical 1/16-inch thick or heavy-duty 1/8-inch thick. When fire lane painting with these stencils, use aerosol paint for the best results. See the Fire Lane pavement marking signs for more options.

Fire lane codes differ between states. However, many states such as New York, Washington, Indiana, Ohio, California and Pennsylvania require the wording "No Parking Fire Lane" on the pavement adjacent to the curb. For letters, sizing, coloring, distance and spacing, the various states differ. Consult your own state's fire code for specific requirements of fire lanes and signage. Businesses can be inspected to ensure that they've taken the necessary steps to ensure fire lane safety. A facility that does not comply with fire code regulations can incur fines and penalties. See the no parking stencil that can be used with this fire lane stencil. It's available in various sizes.


  • Creates highly visible text to designate fire lanes
  • Stencils can be reused
  • Easy to Use
  • Made from flexible yet durable plastic.

Storage Recommendations: Fire Lane Stencils should be stored out of direct sunlight, to avoid cracking and damage. Fire Lane Stencils create highly visible lettering that alert drivers not to park in the fire lane. There are many situations in which areas of the parking lot need to remain clear for safety and organizational purposes. We have a variety of parking stencils like the Fire Lane Stencils that will serve all your parking lot marking needs.

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