Green U-Channel Post

$22.85 - $47.25
  • Our 3.5' feet sign post is the smallest U-channel post we offer. Great for installing small signs on your property. Heavy-duty post (2 pounds per foot) with 3/8" diameter mounting holes, centered 1" apart. Can be used with our 14" diameter sign base for helpful portability.
  • Our 4' tall Standard U-Channel Sign Post has got a ribbed back design ideal for posing signs on both sides. Use this 4' post for smaller signs. Posts are medium weight (1.12 pounds per foot). U-channel sign posts have 3/8" diameter, pre-drilled holes. Baked-on green enamel finish on these steel posts, assure rust-free service.
  • Our 5' baked enamel steel post is durable and rustproof. Mount signs on both sides of the U-Channel post. Posts are medium weight (1.12 pounds per foot). U-channel sign posts have 3/8" diameter, pre-drilled holes. Green enamel finished standard steel posts are great for residential areas, communities, and more.
  • Heavy-duty post is great for parking signs, security signs, no trespassing signs, and more. U-channel sign posts are 3/8" diameter with mounting holes so you can easily install your signs. Posts weigh 2.0 pounds per foot of length. Order with a sign attachment kit.
  • 7' U-Channel Posts are Ideal for Parking Signs. Tough, metal posts have a coating that stops rust. Posts outlast your sign. 7' tall U-channel posts use holes that are 3/8" in diameter holes. The holes are spaced 1" apart. U-Channel posts are tapered on one end for easy and stay-flat sign installation. Sign posts weigh 2 pounds per foot of length and have a baked-on green enamel finish. 7' posts are often used with our 12" x 18" parking signs. Order sign attaching hardware separately.
  • Our 8' U-Channel Post is our most popular option! Heavy-duty U-Channel sign posts are maintenance-free. Municipal-Quality Sign Posts do not rust, and feature a baked-on green enamel finish. Posts are pre-drilled with aligned holes that are 1" on center and have a diameter of 3/8".
  • These U-channel sign posts are heavy-duty and weigh about two pounds per foot of length. U-channel posts have a tapered side (not a tapered end) -- ideal for quick installation of your signs. Order a Sign Attachment Kit separately.