No Running Safety Stencil

$12.18 - $75.15

No Running Safety Stencil

If you have a hazardous area in your apartment complex, factory or warehouse facility, you can use this No Running stencil to create highly visible signs. People will instantly recognize this symbol as a warning to use caution in that area. The sign immediately conveys the message "stop, no running." This template is made from polyethylene plastic, so it can be used multiple times to paint signs wherever there may be wet or slippery conditions, such as around swimming pools or in automotive repair shops. carries a wide selection of safety stencils for industrial facilities and public buildings. 

Stencil Size:

  • 4in
  • 6in
  • 12in
  • 22in
  • 24in
  • 36in

Stencil Material: Polyethylene

Application Recommendations: Aerosol paint is the best paint to use with our stencils. To save time, use a marking gun to apply the paint.

Lead time is 2-3 business days.