ONE Character Stencil

$18.90 - $336.42

These stencils are designed with polyethylene plastic to be durable, flexible and reusable.

You can easily roll them up to store them, then they will lay flat for the best painting results.

It's available in several sizes as small as 6" by 4" and as large as 96" by 16".


  • Material- 1/8" LDPE
  • Long Life- built for repetitive daily use
  • Will not be damaged by paint or solvents
  • Lays flat for the best quality painting
  • Precision cut to ensure high quality marking
  • Easy to clean and rolls up for easy storage

Lead time is 2-3 business days.

This "one" stencil can be used with the ''way'' stencil to create a critical message warning drivers of a one way street or one way entrance or exit.

See the other directional stencils and safety stencils in the parking lot stencils section.