Permit Parking Only Stencil

$85.26 - $157.08


With the big bold 8 inch letters on this permit parking only stencil, you'll be able to clearly designate reserved parking spaces, keeping garages and parking lots better organized and preventing any confusion.

Mark designated areas as "Permit Parking Only" with this durable parking stencil.

 Our stencils of parking by permit are made from durable polyethylene plastic and are good for multiple uses.


This stencil has a total design size of 39.3" x 33.3" and an overall stencil size of 44.37" x 38.39".


Lead time is 2-3 business days.

See the full line of parking lot stencils including no parking signs, handicap parking signs and much more. Parking lot paint and stencils provide long lasting signs that can't be stolen or tampered with.

Stencil Material: Polyethylene plastic (LDPE)
Character Size: 8" High Letters, stacked and centered


Q: How long will the stencil last?

A: These high quality stencils are very durable. The life of the stencil is based on several factors including cleaning, storage and frequency of use. The most important thing is to store the stencils out of direct sunlight.

Q: Are your stencils reusable?

A: Yes, they are very durable and if cared for properly will have a long life.

Q: What is the difference between the 1/16-inch and the 1/8-inch thicknesses?

A: Both 1/16-inch thick and 1/8-inch thick are made of polyethene plastic. Both are durable materials that will provide multiple uses. The 1/16-inch thick material is about the thickness of a quarter and is a more economical option. The 1/8-inch thick material is about the thickness of a nickel and penny stacked and is the preferred grade for contractor use.

Q: How do you recommend cleaning the stencils?

A: No paint thinner is required to maintain your stencil. Do not allow your stencils to soak in paint thinner. Our stencils are made of Low Density Polyethene plastic. This is a very flexible, non-hazardous, tough and non-porous plastic. Built up paint will peel off quite easily.

Q: How should I store the stencil?

A: Stencils should be stored flat and face down at room temperature. Be very careful handling the plastic should you need to use your stencil in weather colder than 50 degrees. The stencils become more stiff and brittle in cold temperatures.

Q: Do you make custom stencils?

A: Yes. Send your graphic with size requirements for a quote. Custom stencils have an approximate 1 week lead time.

Q: Can I purchase material to make my own stencil?

A: Yes. You can purchase plastic sheet stencil material to make your own stencil.

Q: How quickly will my stencil ship?

A: Stencils typically ship in 1-2 business days. Next Day Air Shipping is available and can be selected at checkout. Custom stencils or standard items that have to be cut require a 1 week lead time.