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From the highway to the parking lot to the warehouse, every aspect of your business is affected by how you use words and symbols to communicate to your customers and employees.

You can create clear and visible graphics, custom lettering and safety messages with Stop-Painting's broad selection of stencils. We offer stencils in many categories, including floor stencils, sports field stencils, letter stencils, number stencils, kid-friendly sidewalk and playground stencils, parking lot stencils and more. We specialize in creating high quality floor and pavement stencils that allow you to quickly paint safety messages and warnings on the floor or wall of your industrial facility as well as pavement.

Choosing the correct stencil material is crucial for success in your floor marking endeavors. The stencils with the lowest initial cost would be stencils made from cardboard or Oil Board -- but they are also the stencils that will most likely only last for one use. They are less durable and if you try and salvage them for multiple uses, they are very difficult to store, actually increasing your cost over time.

Another great option for stencils in an industrial setting are stencils made from low density polyethylene plastic, or LDPE. LDPE stencils are available in two different thickness levels. Both of the LDPE stencil options will help you stay simple and clean and they store easily. Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store make the LDPE stencils the best option for stenciling.

We also carry brass stencils, which are a good option for a stencil with long-term durability. Some parking lot striping companies get creative and use brass stencils to install thermoplastic pavement markings as a more durable option versus paint.

Don't see the stencil you need? Contact us and we can custom create a stencil to meet your needs.

Number and letter stencils

Number and Letter Stencils

Available in a wide array of materials and sizes, these basic stencils offer visual cue solutions for pavement and inside your facility.

Roadway Stencils

Roadway Stencils

Roadway Stencils Keep roads safe. Stop-Painting offers a broad selection of highway grade roadway stencils including arrows and words.

School stencils

School Stencils

Stencils can be fun. We've got stencils that are popular at schools, playgrounds and for sporting events.

Warehouse stencils

Warehouse Stencils

Stop-Painting has a wide array of stencils made to communicate important messages to employees or visitors in a warehouse or other work setting.

Parking lot stencils

Parking Lot Stencils

Parking lot stencils are perfect for establishing clearly marked parking areas and designating handicap parking spaces, as well as safely directing traffic.

Stencil accessories

Stencil Accessories

Trust us. Using the right tools and products when applying stencils will make a difference. Be prepared.

Other stencils

Other Stencils

In addition to typical safety and directional visual cue stencils, we offer decorative stencils, marketing message stencils and can custom design any stencil you need but can't find in our extensive inventory. Let us know what you need and we can provide a solution.

Other stencils
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