48 inch ''SLOW'' Stencil

$141.75 - $183.75

Slow Stencil


Send a clear message to motorists with this large "Slow" stencil for parking lots and roadways. This 4-foot "Slow" stencil offers clear, easy-to-read font that reminds drivers to travel at a reasonable speed in crosswalks, parking lots, neighborhood/development streets and more to keep pedestrians and fellow drivers safe. These commercial-grade traffic stencils come in two duties - our more economical 1/16-inch thick stencils that measure 1/16-inch thick and our heavy-duty, super durable 1/8-inch thick stencils that measure 1/8-inch thick - both of which are made from reliable polyethylene plastic. We recommend using aerosol paint and a marking gun to apply this stencil to asphalt or concrete. It measures 48 inches by 47 inches in total.

Stencil Size: 48in

Stencil Material: Polyethylene

Lead time is 2-3 business days.