Buckle-up For Safety Stencil - 66" x 48"



This Buckle Up Safety Stencil serves as a reminder for drivers to keep their seat belts fastened to minimize injuries in case of an accident, and avoid potential traffic violations & expensive fines.

Here is the ideal safety stencil for a garage or parking lot. The sign says For Safety, Buckle Up and includes a clear graphic of a seat belt being fastened. This durable 66" x 48" buckle up safety stencil with large 8" characters can be used effectively to promote safe driving habits. A buckle-up parking lot painting template is easy to use, and reuse - making it a cost effective parking lot painting solution. "Buckle up" is an instantly recognizable phrase that all drivers know well.

Each durable stencil is made with high-quality polyethylene plastic designed for repeated use. We recommend using aerosol paint and a marking gun for fast, hassle-free stencil application. Quickly and easily post safety and organizational messages using our high-quality floor stencils. Ideal for any warehouse, industrial space or maintenance shop, floor stencils can be applied on any surface using aerosol paint.

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Stencil Material: Polyethylene plastic (LDPE)
Stencil Size: 66 inches by 48 inches