Recycling Stencil Kit

$125.84 - $242.51


This Recycling Stencil Kit comes with everything you need to create signage that helps make for a more environmentally friendly business.

This 6-piece recycling stencil kit makes it easy and affordable to let employees and customers know where specific materials are to go. Use our aerosol paint to spray paint the signs exactly where you want them, and give a big boost to your company's recycling efforts. These premium quality environmental stencils are constructed of durable and reusable polyethylene plastic. Included in this kit is a 20 inch square stencil with the well-known tri-arrow recycle symbol and large 2-inch Recyclable lettering. The other stencils have 2 inch lettering to clearly designate specific areas for each type of recyclable material ‹ Aluminum Cans Only, Paper Only, Glass Only, Plastic Only and Waste Only.

This stencil kit is available in either 1/8-inch thick or 1/16-inch thick material. The heavy duty 1/8 inch 1/8-inch thick is the most durable and long lasting. The 1/16 inch 1/16-inch thick is the most economical, and will still outperform most other brands of floor stencils. Our pavement marking stencils meet D.O.T. specifications when applicable.

We also make premade signs and custom stencils that can comply with state, municipal or private specifications. Our pavement marking stencils are in in the U.S. with recyclable materials, and we can also make stencils in steel, aluminum or magnetic materials. Stencils in more than 500 fonts and other languages are available, if needed. Please call 1-866-284-1541 for quotes on custom stencils.


These recycling stencils will help everyone pitch in and help the recycling effort. Set up a company recycling system easily and effectively with our recycling stencils. Make employees and/or customers aware of your company's recycling policy. Recycling stencils will clearly designate areas for recyclable products.


This six piece recycling stencil kit is available in two types of material: 1/8-inch thick and 1/16-inch thick. 1/8-inch thick is our top performer. At 1/8"" (.125 mil) thick, this heavy duty material is second to none in service and durability. 1/16-inch thick measures 1/16"" (.060 mil) thick, and is our answer to the part time, economical stencil. 1/16-inch thick stencils will out perform most products on the market today at only pennies per job. All of our pavement marking stencils are produced from the best grade of polyethylene plastic. Other stencils on the market are not manufactured with this same superior grade of polyethylene plastic and are not as durable. All of our pavement marking stencils are designed around D.O.T. specifications whenever applicable. We can comply with variations in Municipal, State, or Private specifications when provided with details. Our pavement marking stencils are manufactured with pride in the U.S.A. with recyclable materials. We can also produce stencils in aluminum, steel, sign making materials, or magnetic materials if needed. We can produce stencils in over 500 fonts and other languages if needed.

Lead time is 2-3 business days.

Stencil Material: Polyethylene plastic (LDPE)
Stencil Dimensions: 20" Square for "RECYCLABLE" Sign, 2" Letters for other 5 rectangular signs.