Removable Chip Seal Reflective Markers, Case of 500

$577.50 - $672.00

Our chip seal reflective markers are made from polyurethane, and have great bending memory.

They feature retroreflective tape covered with clear plastic, which protects it from oil and dirt. These markers have a minimum reflectance of 1800 candle power per footcandle per square foot at 1/10 observation and 0 entrance angle. There is a a solid rubber, factory applied adhesive on the marker base for bonding the reflector to the pavement. This adhesive is covered with a 1" wide release paper liner. The reflective tape used on this marker measures .25" wide by 4" long, and made from a metalized polycarbonate microprism retroreflective material. Excellent for chip seal, slurry seal, or temporary delineation.


  • Available in Amber or White Housing.
  • Choose between 1 way or 2 Way Reflective, and Single or Double Cover.
  • Sold by the case of 500 markers.