Epoxy Kit for Road Reflectors

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This Epoxy Kit is designed to create a strong adhesion to asphalt, concrete, or any paved surface. For use with our road reflectors. The one quart kit is enough epoxy to adhere approximately 25 4" road reflectors and one gallon kit is enough to adhere approximately 150 4" road reflectors. Please note epoxy cannot be returned due to the nature of the product. This product ships within the continental US states only.

Road Marker - How To Install Using Epoxy

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Q: What is the difference between the butyl pads and epoxy? Do you recommend the epoxy over the butyl pads? Is the epoxy stronger than the butyl pad? Will the epoxy last longer than the butyl pads?

A: Both products are recommended equally depending on personal preference. They are equally durable. Most people find the butyl pads are easier to work with because they don't have to worry about the epoxy setting. We have posted videos of all three installation methods on our website, which may be helpful as you decide which one to use.