Serpentine Brick Stencil, 4 Pack

$480.00 - $862.47


Even those homeowners and businesses on a tight budget can now have the look of a serpentine brick walkway without the expense of brickwork.

These polyethylene plastic stencils, when used with concrete stain or skid resistant paint, produce a serpentine brick pattern on any concrete surface.

A kit includes 4- 4 foot by 8 foot sheets which can be overlapped or butted together to form continuous patterns.   

For these serpentine bricks, size of an average brick is 4 inches by 6 inches. Total size is 106.39 square feet. Use these imitation brick designs for serpentine sidewalks, decks, walkways, steps or driveways. Most skid resistant paints can be applied with a commercial grade hopper gun.

Lead time for this product is 2-3 business days.

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Stencil Material: Polyethylene plastic (LDPE)
Stencil Size: (4) 4' x 8' sheets


Q: What is the difference between the 1/16-inch thick and the 1/8-inch thick material?

A: Both 1/16-inch thick and 1/8-inch thick are made of polyethene plastic. Both are durable materials that will provide multiple uses. The 1/16-inch thick material is about the thickness of a quarter and is a more economical option. The 1/8-inch thick material is about the thickness of a nickel and penny stacked and is the preferred grade for contractor use.

Q: How long will the stencil last?

A: These high quality stencils are very durable. The life of the stencil is based on several factors including cleaning, storage and frequency of use.

Q: How do you recommend cleaning the stencils?

A: No paint thinner is required to maintain your stencil. Do not allow your stencils to soak in paint thinner. Our stencils are made of Low Density Polyethene plastic. This is a very flexible, non-hazardous, tough and non-porous plastic. Built up paint will peel off quite easily.

Q: How should I store the stencil?

A: Stencils should be stored flat and face down at room temperature. Be very careful handling the plastic should you need to use your stencil in weather colder than 50 degrees. The stencils become more stiff and brittle in cold temperatures.

Q: Do you make custom stencils?

A: Yes. Send your graphic with size requirements for a quote. Custom stencils have an approximate 1 week lead time.

Q: Can I purchase material to make my own stencil?

A: Yes. You can purchase plastic sheet stencil material to make your own stencil.

Q: How quickly will my stencil ship?

A: Stencils typically ship in 1-2 business days. Custom stencils or standard items that have to be cut require a 1 week lead time.