SM Floor Tape - 2" x 100' - Black/White Hazard Stripe


Perfect for Lean and 5S floor marking needs, our Superior Mark Floor Tape offers solutions that increase productivity, efficiency and safety.

Not all floor marking tapes are created equal. manufactures Superior Mark® floor tape, which has a patented design that sets the standard in industrial strength marking tape. No one beats Superior Mark® for fast installation, easy maintenance, and maximum strength for a tape that holds up under the heaviest industrial traffic. Superior Mark® Floor Tape is designed with beveled edges and a recessed, highway grade adhesive for durability and top performance. This heavy duty floor tape is far superior to every other brand.

Looking for Lean and 5S organization tools? Our Superior Mark Floor Tape is guaranteed to be the most durable on the market.

Superior Mark® is perfect for marking:

  • Work cells
  • Pallets
  • Aisles
  • Exits
  • And much more 

It can be easily removed in one piece, making it ideal for Lean and 5S initiatives that require flexibility to change floor layouts.