SM L Marker - 2" - Black/White Hazard Stripe - 6" x 6"-Case of 24


Superior Mark® Floor Markers are easy to install, and made to withstand heavy duty industrial traffic.

Using Lean organization and 5S method visual cues like our floor markers can make your facility more organized and efficient.

When applying floor markers in your facility, don't struggle with trying to get clean intersections. Superior Mark® Floor Markers are pre-cut for the highest quality and convenience. They install quickly and are easy to maintain. Our floor marking tape is engineered to hold up to heavy industrial traffic, and we guarantee that it will outperform other brands.

The difference is in the beveled edges and recessed, highway grade adhesive. This attention to design makes Superior Mark® Floor Markers the most heavy duty floor tape available. Use it to mark aisles, pallets, work cells and more. They can be removed in one piece, making it ideal for Lean and 5S initiatives that require layout flexibility.

If you're looking for Lean and 5S solutions to implement in your facility, our Lean and 5S floor markings are the perfect answer. We can send a free sample so you can see for yourself how our floor markers outperform every other brand.

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