VirtualLine LED Projector- 4" Line Width - Blue Line Color


VirtualLine projectors provide clear virtual floor lines to increase safety, efficiency, and awareness in the warehouse.

A VirtualLine projector is a creative and cost-effective solution for replacing floor tape and painted lines in your warehouse. Virtual line LED projectors cast durable floor lines that clearly mark walkways and lanes, eliminating the need for the routine maintenance required to repair or replace tape and paint. An LED line projector can increase awareness, reduce accidents, and create a safe work environment in your warehouse.

A VirtualLine LED projector with a 4” blue-colored line will change the way you handle floor marking in your warehouse, increasing efficiency from first use.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to change floor plans quickly and easily without removing tape or paint
  • Eliminates wear and tear from foot traffic
  • Increases awareness and attracts attention with bright, clear lines
  • Equipped with optional smart trigger abilities using motion-sensing technology

Q: Will the projector work in a room with a lot of direct sunlight?
A: Sunlight is a near impossible force to compete with. If the projection area has a lot of direct sunlight, it isn’t likely that any of our projectors will be able to produce a clear and visible result.