14 ft. Preferrential Lane Symbol Stencil

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Preferential Lane Symbol Stencil

This large, easy-to-read preferential lane symbol stencil is essential for any business, municipality or school that wants to help alleviate traffic congestion. The preferential lane sign signals to drivers that there's a specific lane for buses, trucks or high-occupancy vehicles to help ensure that motorists stay in the correct lane to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

This high-quality stencil measures 14 feet and is made from long-lasting polyethylene plastic. We offer it in two thickens options, including the 1/8-inch 1/8-inch thick stencil that's designed for more frequent use, plus the 1/16-inch 1/16-inch thick stencil that's designed to be more economical. Apply this traffic stencil using aerosol paint and a marking gun to save time and effort.

Stencil Size: 14ft

Stencil Material: Polyethylene

Application Recommendations: Aerosol paint is the best paint to use with our stencils. To save time, use a marking gun to apply the paint.


Lead time is 2-3 business days.