2" Plastic Safety Chain 100 Foot

$91.00 - $97.00
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2'' Plastic Safety Chain

Use Safety Chains in your facility to create pathways and block restricted areas. A 2'' chain is available in various colors.

Color: White, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Safety Orange, Safety Green, Black/Yellow, Yellow/ Magenta.

Material: Made of High Density Polyethylene Containing UV Inhibitors.

Length: Length 50'

Product Info:

Made of High Density Polyethylene Containing UV Inhibitors Lightweight, Strong and Durable.

Safety Chains will not rust and resist fading.


Effective for crowd control, defining walkways, brings awareness to potential hazards, segregating products.

Use indoors or outdoors.

Useful in:

    • Manufacturing facilities


    • Schools


    • Churches


    • Restaurants


    • Military bases


    • Office Buildings


    • Events


    • Parks and much more.

    Made in the USA