2" Plastic Safety Chain 50 Foot

$45.50 - $104.30
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2'' Plastic Safety Chain

Use Safety Chains in your facility to create pathways and block restricted areas. A 2'' chain is available in various colors.

Size: 2''x100'

Color: White, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Safety Orange, Safety Green, Black/Yellow, Yellow/ Magenta.

Material: Made of High Density Polyethylene Containing UV Inhibitors.

Length: Length 100'

Product Info:

Safety Chains will not rust and resist fading.


Effective for crowd control, defining walkways, brings awareness to potential hazards, segregating products.

Use indoors or outdoors.

Useful in:

    • Manufacturing facilities


    • Schools


    • Churches


    • Restaurants


    • Military bases


    • Office Buildings


    • Events


    • Parks and much more.

    Made in the USA