6 Ft Speed Bump Kit (18 in. Width)


6 Ft Speed Bump Kit (18 in. Width)

Designed to reduce speed to less than 15 mph.
Our speed bumps are modular systems that link together and can be installed in different lengths or configurations to accommodate location and end user needs.

Installation hardware is included with each module:

    • 18 in. Width: 4 SS Lag Bolts; 4 SS Washers; 4 Anchors and 1 Connector


    • Installation hardware


    • 2 end caps


    • 1 center


    • 18inWx24inLx2 1/4inH

**this speed bump is the center speed bump featured in the photo on this page.

From full road width, six foot widths or any width in between, Speed Breakers allow fast and easy configurations for any location and aid in reducing speeds to desired levels. Speed Breakers End Caps which complete the desired length, are tapered and contoured to give a finished appearance; safely reduces pedestrian trip hazards and eliminates a "drop-off" associated with other similar products.
Material Specification:

    • Each component is manufactured from 100% recycled rubber with polyurethane binders


    • The rubber in fiber form contains no rubber dust, granules or fly that will weaken the product


    • They are black in color


    • Color markings are made from reflective pavement marking tape and are embedded into material during manufacturing


    • Finished products are conformable to pavement variances without curling

They are compression molded and have the following properties:

    • Tensile Strength ......500 psi (minimum)


    • Hardness...............70 Shore A (minimum)


    • Specific Gravity .......1.13


    • Skid Resistance........89 (Dry)


    • Deform rate............None (100% Recovery)


    • Chemical Resistance..Impervious to engine oil, road salts, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, gasoline/diesel fuel, solvents, outdoor exposure including extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Outstanding Versatility

    • Roadways


    • Alleys


    • Parking Lots and Garages


    • Shopping Malls


    • Bike or Traffic Lanes


    • School Drop-Off Zones


    • Hospitals


    • Ped Crossings


    • Toll or Guard Booths


    • Apartments


    • Hotels