Barricade Tape 3"

$4.50 - $13.90

Our barricade tape is available with more than 50 different in-stock legends.

Available in 3" width and 200, 300, and 1000 ft lengths. Designed to protect and identify above ground hazardous areas or elements such as construction sites, work areas, crime scenes, crowd control and any potentially dangerous areas.  All legends are printed in crisp, bold black lettering on a yellow or red polyethylene material.

For more information on customized barricade tape- please call us for details on pricing and artwork.

Stock Legends:

  1. Caution Caution
  2. Caution Open Trench
  3. Caution Construction Area
  4. Caution Do Not Enter
  5. Caution High Voltage
  6. Caution Men Working
  7. Caution Men Working Overhead
  8. Caution Asbestos Hazard
  9. Cuidado Caution
  10. Caution Caustic Hazard
  11. Caution Hard Hat Area
  12. Police Line Do Not Cross
  13. Crime Scene Do Not Cross
  14. Incident Scene Do Not Enter
  15. Sheriff Line Do Not Cross
  16. Fire Line Do Not Cross
  17. Danger Asbestos Hazard
  18. Danger Do Not Enter
  19. Danger Open Trench
  20. Danger Lead Paint Hazard Black/Yellow Stripe
  21. Danger Lead Paint Hazard Red/Black Stripe
  22. Hazardous Area Keep Out
  23. No Parking Do Not Enter
  24. Keep Out
  25. Peligro
  26. Danger

Please note: We have a minimum order requirement of $200 for this item. Items from our SafeWear line can be combined to meet the minimum.