Reflective Barricade Tape

$229.68 - $846.00

Promote roadway and highway safety with this high-visibility reflective barricade tape. It's important for public safety and to ensure that your barricades continue to comply with required code. Replace that old reflective tape for barricades or you may have to upgrade your barricades to satisfy the new safety standards. This self-adhesive orange and white barricade tape will save you money in barricade replacement costs.

Dimensions Available

  • 8 in. x 150 ft.
  • 10 in. x 150 ft.
  • 12 in. x 150 ft.
  • 4 inch stripe

Reflectivity Grades Available

  • Engineer Grade (ASTM type 1)
  • Super Engineer Grade (ASTM type 2)
  • High Intensity Grade (ASTM type 3)

Direction of Stripe

  • Right Handed Stripe
  • Left Handed Stripe

The stripe direction is the way the stripe is angled from the bottom to the top. In the picture above, the roll on the left is the Right Handed stripe. For more information on our full reflective tape section, please call us at 1-866-284-1541.

*PLEASE READ BEFORE PLACING ORDERS: Our minimum order is $150. Orders for less than our minimum will be subject to a $20 small order fee. Thank you.