Vinyl floor sign

Vinyl Floor Sign

Anti-skid overlaminate
Peel-and-stick adhesive
Applies to smooth surfaces

rubber sign with urethane coating

Rubber Floor Sign

Reinforced substrate rubber
Superior butyl adhesive
Applies to irregular surfaces

inlaid mesh with permanent epoxy adhesive

Inlaid Mesh Floor Sign

Tough mesh fabric
Embeds with liquid adhesive
Applies to irregular surfaces

Econo Classic


This sturdy A-frame sign can be used inside or outside and offers capability to change messaging as needed. Some popular uses are to indicate full parking lots, meeting room designations, no trespassing, and traffic control. Made of heavy duty plastic, it has a built-in stabilizing weigh-down brace to keep it in place. This frame will hold two sign, 24 x 36 inches up to 3/16 of an inch thick. You can pick a sign from our inventory or we can custom create a message with your logo.


  • Holds two signs, 24 in. x 36 in.
  • With patented Quick-Change feature, sign blanks easily slide in and out and stay securely in place
  • Accepts sign blanks 3/16 in. thick or less
  • Use sign blanks made of Coroplast, foam board, acrylic, or aluminum
  • Built-In Stabilizing and Weigh Down Brace
    • Brace rests on the ground when in use, making it easy to use a sandbag or other weight
      to secure the sign frame
    • Prevents accidental or intentional spreading or closing of sign faces
  • Outside Dimensions: 26.5 in. W x 42.75 in. H x 2 in. D
  • Available in White

Need a sign printed? For an additional fee, we can print any custom sign to fit into this sign frame. Please call us at 1-866-284-1541 for quotes on our custom printed signs.