'No Dumping This Drains To Ocean'' Pavement Marking Sign, 12'' x 12''


No Dumping Pavement Marking Sign

This pavement marking sign is a must have for shore towns!. Keep our oceans clean. Many visitors to our shore resorts don't understand that our drain systems filter into the Ocean. Let them know with this attractive yet effective sign. Simply place near storm drains on the pavement or concrete to let people know that dumping near the drains can harm the environment!

Size: 12'' x 12''

Color: White with Blue Lettering

Wording: No Dumping


  • Highly Visible, Non-Fade

  • 15 times thicker than paint

  • No equipment needed

  • Durable rubber material

    Installation Recommendations: Primer is recommended for best adhesion. A tamper cart is helpful, but not required. Installation is as easy. Just sweep, prime, apply sign, and tamp. Area can be opened to traffic immediately.

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