5S Games

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Facilitate team building using these hands-on, learn-as-you go 5S games. 5S is a highly effective workplace methodology that originated in Japan as part of the Just In Time manufacturing technique. These innovative 5S learning products enable employees at all levels to become familiar with 5S and then directly apply its concepts to their workplace tasks. Team members will see first-hand how much easier job functions can be using 5S and Just In Time methods, encouraging them to implement these strategies into their own work.

We carry 5S games, Just In Time games and lean manufacturing games in our selection. Each of these kits comes complete with everything you need for a comprehensive crash course. Using interactive resources like CD presentations plus educational game components, these kits can help large and small staffs understand 5S' core workplace principals in less than two hours. Skip seminars and consultants when you bring these highly effective 5S games to your next meeting. Browse Stop-Painting's 5S floor signs and custom-printed Superior Mark tape to encourage facility-wide 5S implementation.
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