Sports Stencils

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Our high-quality sports stencils allow you to mark highly readable, long-lasting numbers, graphics and field delineators on sports fields. This affordable stenciling option allows you to stencil school letters, names and more on the field using paint and a turf machine, if desired. We carry football field stencils, including football field numbering stencil kits for easy field marking, as well as graphic sports field stencils that allow you to paint football helmets, school mascots, school logos and more on the field.

We also carry a broad selection of playground stencils, including hopscotch stencils, basketball court stencils, map stencils and more that are made from durable polyethylene plastic that creates clean, vivid images on concrete areas, driveways, sidewalks, turf and more. For stenciling on sports fields, we recommend using our Athletic Field Marker paint and Athletic Marking Machine. A marking wand is ideal for stenciling graphics on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Stop-Painting's plastic sports stencils come in 1/16'' and 1/8'' options.
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