Reflexite Fluorescent Daybright Tape


Reflexite Fluorescent tape is designed for rugged durability and offers high visibility for trucks, trailers and other vehicles to greatly improve road safety. This proprietary conspicuity material is resistant to all weather conditions and solvents. Reflexite Daybright tape can be plotter cut or die cut and is easy to apply on either painted or unpainted vehicle surfaces. You can purchase Reflexite fluorescent reflective tape in cases for an even better value. See the full line of reflective tapes available at

Reflexite Fluorescent is composed of cube corner (micro-prism) retroreflective elements integrally bonded to a flexible, smooth-surfaced tough and weather-resistant UV stabilized polymeric film. The prism surfaces are coated with a vacuum deposition of aluminum to provide a mirror surface to the prism facets. The material is flexible and strong once applied; excellent impact, shrink, and solvent resistance. The material has an aggressive high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive. It is specially formulated to adhere to a variety of surfaces including: painted steel, clear coat lacquer, and aluminum. The adhesive is protected by a release liner that shall be removed by peeling, without soaking in water or solvents.

Solid Fluorescent Colors (5-Year Warranty)

Colors: Fluorescent Lime Yellow and Fluorescent Orange.

Sizes: 1 in (25mm) x 150 ft and 2 in (50mm) x 150 ft.

This product is available for specialty die cutting and plotter cutting. Please call us at (1-866-284-1541) for special orders.