Right Turn Only Pavement Marking Symbol (Pack of 2)

$586.79 - $1,169.95

Mark the right turn only traffic lanes with this Right Turn Only Pavement Marking Symbol.

Measuring approximately 8' by 6' and sold in a pack of 2 arrows, our pavement marking symbols are available in three grades: Removable, Durable Grade, and Extended Life.

Pavement marking symbols keep traffic moving smoothly and safety by clearly communicating traffic flow patterns. These durable pre-cut markings install quickly and easily with no dry time or cure time necessary. Featuring a pressure sensitive adhesive, these rubber based markings will maintain a secure bond in any climate.

Installation Recommendations:

  • Air and surface temperature must be 50 degrees F (10 degrees C).
  • SURFACE MUST BE COMPLETELY DRY. Surface must be clean and free of any contaminants which may include but not limited to oils, grease, sand, dirt, dust, loose aggregate, curing compound, mud, soil and salt.
  • If concrete is less than 45 days old, or has never been opened to traffic, the curing compound must be completely removed by pressure washing, sandblasting, or grinding the surface.
  • Do not apply product directly on seams, joints, deteriorating markings or substrates. Tapes applied directly over seams and joints must be cut through 1" on both sides of the joints or seams to prevent de-bonding of the tape.
  • Firmly tamp the product in the same direction as it was applied on the initial pass. A minimum of three passes total. Use a tamper device with a minimum 200 lb. (90kg) load and a tamping surface a minimum 2" wider than the width of tape being applied. Never twist the tampering device during tamping. Repeat tamping as necessary to insure tape has completely conformed to the surface.
  • All users should test a small piece of product for satisfactory adhesion prior to installing large portions.