Superior Mark® Exit Marking Kit

Superior ® Patent No. 8,883,290 and Patent No. 10,214,664.

As a cost-effective and highly efficient alternative to painting, nothing beats the Superior Mark® Exit Marking Tape Kit. This 9-piece kit features the advanced engineering of our Superior Mark® line of industrial tape for floor use, making it easy to comply with OSHA regulations requiring exits to be unobstructed and clearly marked. The beveled edges provide added durability and puzzle cut mitered ends allow quick, seamless installation. Use this kit as a clear marking for all exit doors and keep them free of obstructions. 

Save the time and trouble of painting for marking exit doors on the floor with this premium floor tape kit. Please test a sample to see first hand how Superior Mark® will perform on your floor.

Product Description:

The Superior Mark® Exit Marking Kit is a 9 piece kit comprised of a border with puzzle cut mitered ends, and 5 diagonal internal pieces of varying lengths that complete the diagonal pattern within the borders of the exit marking kit. This kit clearly marks all exit doors and decreases the potential for exits being obstructed.  The Superior Mark® Exit Marking Kit is a great alternative to painting. Facility operations can resume immediately upon completing installation of this kit, which takes minutes to install, versus painting which requires the area to be closed off from all activity for a minimum of 8 hours. Our easy 9 piece kit creates eye catching floor marking pattern to keep exits clear and visible.

10 Minute Installation Recommendations:

Supplies needed:

  • Floor Degreaser or Alcohol
  • Rag or mop
  • Tape measure
  • Tamper cart or hand truck (optional)
  1. Clean floor with alcohol based cleaner, or InSite Solutions Floor Degreaser.
  2. Install the first side of the box, flush with the door plate. Connect the puzzle cut edges to form the second, third and fourth sides of the box. Leave the 3rd corner unstuck until the 4th sides is ready to join, adjust as needed.
  3. Install the center hash mark.
  4. Lay out a tape measure to evenly space the other hash marks.
  5. Tamper with tamper cart (optional).

All kits are made-to-order and are not returnable.

Width: 2 inches or 4 inches
Thickness: 32 mils
Material: PVC
Adhesive: Pressure sensitive recessed adhesive
Edges: Beveled for maximum durability against heavy traffic.
Surface: Smooth, glossy finish that resists dirt and is easily cleaned.
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