Underground Tank Indentification - 8" x 12" "DSL" Diesel Gas Tag


The DSL Gas marker or utility marker is installed easily in less than five minutes and is lightweight to allow for ease of transportation in the field.

For high visibility and easy indentification of underground utility lines or underground gas tanks, this utility marker is the perfect choice. 8" x 12" self-adhesive, yellow anti-skid, reflective, pavement marking sign with 6" white letters. This sign adheres easily to asphalt and concrete without any special painting machines, tools or equipment. Other colors and sizes are available upon request.


  • Highly Visible, Non-Fade
  • 15 times thicker than paint
  • No equipment needed
  • Durable rubber material

Installation Recommendations: Primer is recommended for best adhesion. A tamper cart is helpful, but not required. Installation is as easy. Just sweep, prime, apply sign, and tamp. Area can be opened to traffic immediately.