Reflective Barrel Tape

$330.40 - $421.30

It is important for traffic barrels to be highly visible at night and in low light situations, to prevent accidents. For your reflective barrels, you should replace any old tape with this premium reflective barrel tape, to make sure they comply with the latest safety requirements. Traffic barrel reflective tape is available in white or orange with your choice 4 inch or 6 inch width, in 150 foot rolls. There are 3 grades of traffic barrel tape available: Engineering Grade (ASTM I), Super Engineer Grade (ASTM II) and High Intensity (ASTM III).

For more information on our full reflective tape selection, please call us at (919) 569-6765. *PLEASE READ BEFORE PLACING ORDERS: Our minimum order is $200. Orders for less than our minimum will be subject to a $20 small order fee. Thank you.