Reflective Tape Engineering Grade 30 ft. Length

$62.20 - $89.60

The main use for this engineering grade reflective tape is for temporary and permanent traffic signs. It's available in 30 foot rolls in a variety of widths, from 3/8 inches to 6 inches. Choose from yellow, green, red, blue, orange and silver/white. This extremely durable tape has a lifespan of 7 years and is over 5.5 mils thick.

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This tape has an enclosed lens retroreflective urethane film coat, which protects the glass beads from being exposed to air, with a permanent acrylic adhesive. 94 lbs paperweight release liner. Meets or exceeds requirements of Federal Specification LS-300C (Reflectivity 1, Class 1), FP-85 (Type ll), and ASTM D4956-94 (Type 1).

Primarily designed for permanent and temporary traffic signage. Application surface should be flat, dry, and clear of debris, with a temperature above 40 degrees F, (not recommended for unpainted stainless steel surface). Product may be screen printed, guillotine cut, die-cut, or thermal kiss-cut (300 degree F to 325 degree F for 1 to 2 seconds) for special orders. 3 in neutral paper core. This is a great alternative to Avery T-1500 series, Nippon/Carbide 8100 series, or 3M 3200 series.

Solid Colors:

Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Silver/White.


3/8 in (9.5mm) x 30 ft Pack of 16 Rolls, 1/2 in (12.5mm) x 30 ft Pack of 12 Rolls, 3/4 in (19mm) x 30 ft Pack of 8 Rolls, 1 in (25mm) x 30 ft Pack of 6 Rolls, 1.5 in (38mm) x 30 ft pack of 4 Rolls, 2 in (50mm) x 30 ft Pack of 3 Rolls, 3 in (75mm) x 30 ft Pack of 2 Rolls, 4 in (100mm) x 30 ft Pack of 2 Rolls, 6 in (150mm) x 30 ft Pack of 1 Roll.

Physical Properties:

  • Aluminum alloys are anodized to increase corrosion resistance, increase surface hardness, improved adhesion, and to allow dyeing.
  • Application temperature should be above 40 degree F (4 degree C)
  • Service temperature range is -40 degree F to +180 degree F (-40 degree C to 82 degree C)
  • Dimensional stability is less than 0.02 in. (0.8mm) shrinkage.
  • (1000 hours Atlas Twin Arch Weatherometer, EH).

This product is available for screen printing, guillotine cutting, die cutting, and kiss cutting. Please call us at (1-866-284-1541) for special orders.