Removable Primer Adhesive


This primer is intended for use with our Hide-A-Line Black Pavement Tape and our Removable Road Marking Tapes, when conditions warrant the use of a primer.

The following marginal weather conditions will necessitate the use of this primer:

  • Air temperatures are below 50 degrees F, but no less than 40 degrees F.
  • Rain is expected within 24 hours of installation.
  • Road surfaces are marginal.

Installation Recommendations:

  • Asphalt must be fully cured, typically at least 48 hours old.
  • Surface must be completely dry and confirmed by a moisture bag test.
  • Surface must be free of any contaminants such as oils, grease, sand, dirt, dust, loose aggregate, curing compound, mud, soil, and salt.
  • Portland Cement concrete curing compound must be completely removed by brushing, grinding, or sandblasting the road surface.
    • Do not apply strips directly on seams, joints, deteriorating markings or substrates.
    • Do not overlap strips, always use butt joints.
    • Peel the protective cover from the adhesive on the back of the strip and place the strip on the properly prepared road surface.
    • Firmly tamp strip in the same direction as strip was applied using an approved tamper cart with a minimum of 200 lb. (90 kg) load. Never twist the tamper cart during tamping. Repeat tamping as necessary to insure strip has completely conformed to road surface and all edges are firmly adhered.
    • When removing, pull strip at a 90° angle to the pavement.
    • After installation is completed, roadway can be open to traffic immediately.